Monday, October 13, 2003


Rating System

"The star rating system is relative, not absolute. When you ask a friend if Hellboy is any good, you're not asking if it's any good compared to Mystic River, you're asking if it's any good compared to The Punisher. And my answer would be, on a scale of one to four, if Superman is four, then Hellboy is three and The Punisher is two. In the same way, if American Beauty gets four stars, then [The United States of] Leland clocks in at about two." -Roger Ebert, the same applies to our rating system

5- Why are you still sitting there? Go see it now!

4- Worthy of a matinee.
3- See it in the dollar theatre.
2- Wait to NetFlix it.
1- Don’t waste your time.
0- I wanted to gouge my eyes out.

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