Thursday, October 20, 2005


Elizabethtown, she said 3.6

Orlando Bloom has once again managed to be cast in yet another movie with an amazing cast. The beauty that is Bloom has, for the first time, kept his head above water in the proverbial pool of talent. Susan Sarandon played Bloom's cracked up mother but, as she said, could play his lover in the next film with him. I love that she does not limit her self because of her age. Not only does she go for the nontraditional roles but she gracefully pulls it off.

The movie took me on a journey across country, introduced me to a long lost family and saw the sparks of love (or lust some may say). My problem with the movie came was those three example. I saw all of this, the movie did not pull me into its world. I didn't feel the joy of discovering new adventure, the awkwardness of distant quirky family members, or the wave of heat that comes with new love. There was a nice moment when Bloom and Dunst had a nice moment during a late night phone call. The dialogue was well delivered and the scenes were well cut together too. The scene was a moment that made me long to be apart of what they were experiencing. However, the movie was e123 minutes line.

Sadly, that was one of the few moments I long to be apart of. Good movies have those experiential moments sprinkled throughout (as if trying to use them sparingly). However, a great movie is just one experiential moment. One moment for the audience to escape into the world the artists have created.....Ok, so that may be too much of a soap box, but it is true. This movie wasn't bad, it just didn't inspire me. Recently, i have been disappointed rather disappointed with movie's ability to sweep me off my feet and carry me away to cinema-land. Some would speculate that I need to find a man, but please, we all know that isn't true!!

Closing thought: Finding Orlando Bloom hot IS reason enough to go see this movie.
I like your review but I haven't seen this movie...
the movie was filmed close to my school in ky, so the theater was packed. tickets sold out way in advance opening weekend and a guy who was an extra sat behind me. The whole audience cheered when Orlando Bloom drank Ale8, a famous KY soft drink. He even more a vintage Ale8 t-shirt near the end of the movie. needless to say, the movie was hit here!

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