Monday, October 10, 2005


Serenity, she said 4.1

Some people I know would give this a higher rating and fuss over the fact that I didn't give this movie a 5. However, I am not as emotionally invested in the characters or the movie as some people I know.

Sometimes you are just in the mood for a classic. You already know the character types, you already know the plot, and usually you know the plot twists and where they will occur. A movie like Serenity gives you a sense of stability - you know you will like it because you have seen it before. The reason you go? You go to see a new version of what directors, producers and actors have know works for years. You go to see the new wrapping of an old and well thought out gift. Serenity is a movie where you will laugh, sit on the edge of your seat in suspense, pump you fist while river demolishes an army of villains, and squirt a tear when a beloved character bites the dust. A guy can cheer during the action scene and his counterpart female can stereotypically cry on his shoulder during the more emotional moments.

Go see it if you live action movie set in space.
I saw this movie; and I agree with you. It was a good movie, but some (ahem- Brandon) are wayyy too emotionally attached to it. I enjoy this film (even though I wouldn't have thought I would). I appreciated the cheap humor and innuendo's, as well as good prevailing over evil. But I wouldn't rate it a 5 either.

I like your review but I haven't seen this movie...
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