Friday, October 28, 2005


Thumbsucker, she said 3.4

This dramatic comedy follows the life of an adolescent boy, Justin Cobb, searching for an identity and the self confidence to defend that identity. Like its main character, the movie searches for a theme. Perhaps the director intended for the audience to feel the confused insecurity of adolescence; The heart pounding anxiety the occurs when your world is falling away from you and you desperately long to grasp on to something, just one thing, that is stable. There were so many earnest themes splashed throughout the movie I felt as if I were back in high school and amidst the whirlwind of life pick out what was important and what could fall by the waist-side. Is that good? It was different and putting the lack of structure in this light makes the movie sound very well thought out.

I am still not confident of the movie's intended message. Really, I came out of the movie waiting to get an Adderall prescription. Recently I have had a lot of work to do yet lacked the time. Cobb learns the miraculous effects of the tiny pill as he works his way to the state finals of the debate team. His change from spacey teenager to focused winner campaigns for the wonder that is Adderall. As the wonderful Dane Cook would say, "why not me? I want that." (yes, i just quoted a stand up comidian). There were other themes that seemed equally important at the time but they did not seem to stick with me once left the theater. It makes me wonder if there were any pharmacy companies funding this film....something to think about.

if you are in the mood to think a bit check this film out. But, if you brain is on the fritz - go get some Adderall and then go watch the movie.
I like your review but I haven't seen this movie...
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