Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Waiting..., she said 1.9

Yes, the ellipsis is apart of the movie's title, which may possibly be the only creative aspect of this movie - but really, is an ellipses all that creative? I admit that I saw the movie because I am slowly falling in love with the wonder that is Dane Cook. Perhaps if he were given more lines or even well written lines the movie would have been more enjoyable.

There are a lot of "could have's" for this movie. For example, Dane Cook could have been the token one liner guy, however, he was allowed only four times to say a funny one-liner, not nearly enough time to establish a character or a pattern of humor.

Too, the movie could have had a great moral undertone. I am quite the scholar of the quarter-life crisis and both the individual and social effects of this new phenomenon. SO, naturally I took an interest in the main characters struggle between doing what makes him happy, what his mother wants, and living up to societal expectations. Coming back to the could have part, this minimal character development was dramatically over shadowed by the movie’s attempt at crass humor.

This leads me to my last could have. The movie could have had a crass sense of humor that made you buckle over in laugh while suppressing the urge to vomit. I must admit, there is a small part in me (ok maybe a big one) that likes sick, crass humor - I lived with Trey for two years. This movie made a poor attempt. The jokes were poorly worded and misplaced.

The movie had the potential to be another American Pie meets Clerks (I am sure that was a sales pitch used by the writers). Despite the pitiful efforts, Waiting... fell short by leaps and bounds. My only physical reaction is to roll my eyes, turn on my heel and walk away - whatev sums it up!
dude. a 1.9 from patricia and a 0 from what's his name. damn, shawty.

this move must have really sucked.
eye heart your webpage! Sarah
I am glad you just spared me from seeing this pile of shit.
I like your review but I haven't seen this movie...
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