Thursday, November 03, 2005


The Legend of Zorro, she said 3.9

Sword fighting, Latin love, a man in disguise, thick accents - The Legend of Zoro has it all! Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio (how do you say, ah ,yes) Banderas are both aesthetically and emotionally scintillating on the screen. Their chemistry on the big screen is quite infectious. This could be for many reasons: one, Antonio Banderas had an ability to wrap any leading lady in his Latin yummy goodness; two, any time a director throws a action strategically around a love story one can't help but live vicariously through the lead characters; and three, please, who doesn't want an big screen love affair - no? well, loosen up some.

I am quite the fan of funny one-liners (not to say that I don't love the deep sorrowful monologues also but different moods call for different movies). The lines were perfectly placed, delivered and written. Delivering a perfect one-line is quite hard, however, Banderas makes it look easy. Jones was sexy and graceful on the screen, as always. I have not seen her play such a cheeky character in a long time and I really enjoyed her mixture of sass, whit and strength.

This one may have scored higher but the green screen effects at the end were horrifically disappointing. Why would you spend money on the film only to clearly reduce the budget at the end? The ending is the last impression and audience gets . If a producer is going to skimp on money, do it in the middle of the movie. When that happens the beginning can make up for the tight pocket's shortcoming.

if you are in the mood for a good movie and not looking for something to change you life go see Cathrine Zeta Jones and Antonio (how do you say, ah ,yes) Banderas in The Legend of Zoro. Please note, I have not seen the original movie.
It's about time! I really liked reading your review. I didn't realize you liked it this much, but all the things you loved about it are vastly superior in the first movie (as you can tell from my review) so I highly suggest NetFlixing it. See you tomorrow.
OMG, please, I am SUCH a huge fan! How I long for the moment you post on! Please. I am in love with Mr. Eric. MEOW! PLEASE!
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