Wednesday, December 14, 2005


King Kong, she said 5.0

Peter Jackson has a way with direction, CGI and landscape design. King Kong was a beautiful movie. Considering the movie should have been cut by 30-45 minutes, my attention was easily held.

I generally am a huge propionate for acting being as real and in the moment as possible – likewise, the screenplay should flow as easily or as awkwardly as actual life would dictate. Kin Kong was presented in 30’s style acting (like the original movie). I was thoroughly surprised how immersed I was in the movie.

Adrien Brody and Jack Black were phenomenal on the big screen. There really is something about Brody that I cannot put my finger on. While I am not physically attracted to him, he is captivating. Black did a great job of toning down his comedic brilliance and finding his inner dramatic actor. Naomi Watts not only epitomizes the beauty that killed the beast but her interaction with the CGI giant gorilla was highly impressive.

What are you doing? – go see the freaking movie!
I would tend to agree, Ms Roberson. I think this was an excellent movie, it did go on a little long, but it was a must see. I think Mr. Medley tries to compare it to the 1930's version, and does not let it re-tell the story with current animation technologies. I think he might get a little to hyped up for these type movies and seems to have no place to go but down in his views of the movies, post watching them. I though did enjoy the movie and feel it did great in telling the story and showed even more of the innovations of CGI Peter Jackson’s films help bring to the big screen.
Robbie, if you read my review, you will notice that I was amazed by the "new animation technologies" and cited that and the overall look of the film as one of the best things about it. And I did really like the movie. It's not bad. I just didn't love it. Mostly because it was too long and kind of pretentious at times. I do admit in my review and here that I thought I had my expectations a bit too high, but I still feel that the movie could have been even better had it been far more judiciously edited.
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