Thursday, December 08, 2005


Pride & Prejudice, she said 5.0

First I would like to say that....I am on time (take a moment to applaud me - thanks). Back to the movie in review: So, I am not the most well read individual - I admit it, I have never read "Pride and Prejudice." However, after watching this movie, I know what my holiday reading will be. As the movie ended and the light came up, a smile of satisfaction stretched across my face. I wanted to spin like Buddy the Elf. Yeah, I said it - please, that's how happy I was. Now, why you may ask did I love this movie so much?

One, the story stands alone as an impressive piece of work. A classic romance story with a twist always pleases. The hilariously eager sisters and the status driven mother added just the right amount of humor to the movie. Now you may think, "Really, a romance? That sounds far too heavy." But, I say nay! The movie is quite light with wonderfully meaningful undertones.

Two, who doesn't love a good period piece? The costumes were perfect and expansive landscape shots were magnificent. One could get lost in the aesthetic beauty of the movie.

Three, Keira Knightley is a fantastic actress and delightfully charming on the big screen. Plus, as my male friends would say, "She is effing hot".

Take someone to see this movie tonight.
Look at you posting by the deadline and all. Please. Enjoy your movie tonight. And I actually applauded while reading this just like you said.
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