Friday, December 02, 2005


Rent, she said 3.3

When the musical RENT first hit the stage in the fabulous New York City I was amazed by the brilliant musical composition and the tight harmonies. The characters were quirky and endearing. The new Rock Opera was one of a kind and I could not get enough of the yummy musical goodness. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that this wonderful film was going to be adapted into a movie on the big screen. I was a little disappointed by the movie.

The opening sequence “Rent” was did not achieve the passion that the lyrics and the music demands. And what was up with all the burning paper. Sense when does throwing burning paper off you back balcony in concert with your neighbors mean that you are tired of your life. Seriously, it was cheesy and was not a great way to start the movie. However, all the other musical numbers I was, for then most part, impressed with the director’s adaptive changes.

The acting was a little disappointing too. While I am happy that they used the original Broadway performers, I wish they would have had paid for acting lessons. Overall, I did enjoy the movie. However, I can’t say that I would pay to see it again.

Peace out
Have to agree, that the transition from stage to film was not well taken by the actors... but the movie is at least a 4! Do not be deterred....
"Rent" was not the fisrt Rock Opera. I did find the characters "quirky," but they seemed that way soley for the sake of being quirky. They didn't seem genuine at all, except perhaps Joanne.

I think the burning paper sequence is there simply because there was a similar sequence in "La Boheme" (I think that is the right name), the opera that "Rent" is based on.

And I find it interesting that you compare this so closely with the stage version, when in your "Harry Potter" review, you stressed the importance of viewing it completely independent of the book.

I think "Rent" (the musical not the movie) is an interesting cultural artifact that will be remembered for its pioneering effort to portray the plught of AIDs victims, not for being a great musical.
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