Friday, January 20, 2006


Last Holiday, she said 2.0

Guess who's back - back again. Yes ladies and gents, happy New Year and all the other holidays that were recently celebrated. I originally made a New Year's resolution to post on time but clearly that one has already be a miss so we will pretend nothing was said- I digress.

So, I will say that “Last Holiday” was a good mediocre film. Queen Latifah plays a square woman that set high goals and dreams and rather than acting on her wishes, she stores them in a book of ‘possibilities’. Misdiagnosed with a rare brain tumor, she is given three weeks to survive. Like any other red blooded American, she cashes in her savings and sets out to convert all of her possibilities into realities (cheers from the crowd). She buys a plane ticket to Europe – I think France – and proceeds to live it up at the grand European hotel the PUPP (pronounced 'poop'). She meets fabulous people, eats fabulous food and has the time of her life. Shockingly, (I use that word laden with sarcasm) she discovers she is not sick, marries the man of her dreams and consequently learns a valuable lesson of living your life to the fullest - or something like that. If only real life were that cliché!

Despite the rubber stamped plot line the movie was not bad. Gerard Depardieu, the impassionate French chef, added the perfect amount of cheese. Honestly, I had a hard time not staring at his nose - but he made me laugh nonetheless. I gave this film such a low rating because I really do not think you should waste your money in the theater...Netflix it. “Last Holiday” is the perfect rainy day/stay inside/ want to laugh but not think type of movie. Queue it today!

NOTE: I beat Brandon
I was so happy to see your review up before mine! Go you!

Haha.. you said "poop!"
Seems some people might be more on track than others, oh yeah I said it, but then again Brandon has a real job for a living now and not school, so I guess that qualifies as his excuse. LOL
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