Monday, February 20, 2006


Nanny McPhee, she said 4.0

I know, I know. The two fans we have are very upset that we have been so slack in posting. But here is a brief opinion about this movie and I promise I will get much better.

Emma Thompson plays a magical nanny that claims, “When you need me and don’t want me – I will be there. However, when you want me and don’t need me – that is when I will leave”….or something like that. The movie pulled on the heart stings more than I had anticipated. Also unexpected, the storyline and characters were well more developed and original. The mischievous children feared an evil step-mother and therefore scared everyone off, except Nanny McPhee. With a stop of her gnarled cane she could right wrongs, influence time,
While there was emotion there were many funny moment too. There was a bit with cake at the end and some humor about knocking on the door (you will have to see it, and written explanation doesn’t do it justice). The most impressive aspect of the movie was the clarity and combination of colors. The audacious and creative art direction works for the film because the book bound fairytale images are able to come to life on the big screen. Each character and set has a distinctive color scheme that popped off the screen.
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