Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Failure to Launch, she said 1.5

Yes, I admit it, Failure to Launch, was my pick this week. As a female, anything with the Hottie McHotterson Matthew McConaughey is worth 5.50. This classic tale of girl dating guy for money (this has also been seen as ‘on a dare’), then boy falls for girl, girl denies that she is falling for boy, boy finds out that girl is a liar, boy’s heart is broken, boy breaks up with girl in dramatic scene, But he still loves girl, girl realized she can’t live without him, friends rally behind two and get them together in the end….I have seen this movie a thousand times and every time I say, “how ridiculous.” Yet, I keep comin’ back for more!

I felt there were far to ‘bits’ with animals that were painfully symbolic….I mean, not only were the graphics bad but it was shove-it-down-your-throat obvious when symbolism is not even necessary in a romantic comedy. This part I want to throw pop corn at the screen. The desperation was palpable.

Zooey Deschanel and the other side kick were really the only enjoyable part of the movie. What I did like about the movie was its ability to make social alcoholism funny. I would love to hear a kid say, “Mommy, I want a bud light, just kit.” I here by proclaim Champagne Thursdays in the Thompson/Roberson/Rodgers household. Brandon you are more than welcome to join. She did cause me to have a laugh-out-loud/ snort-out-loud moment.

If it is raining outside on Saturday afternoon and there is nothing on tv and your netflix has not arrived and this movie comes on I say half watch it while reading and article in US weekly.
US Weekly? You broke a piece of my hear t by alluding to that crap! And I didn't realize they had articles. I thought it was all just paparazzi pictures.

The funniest part of going to see this movie was when you snorted! And yes, the "symbolism" was painfully obvious, but in case you missed it, Bradley Cooper's character tells you EXACTLY what it means!
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