Monday, March 13, 2006


Transamerica, she said 3.0

So, I took a vacation. I traveled to the mid-west and thankfully made it back. Brandon and I, because of out hectic schedule, temporarily moved Tuesday Movie Night to Sunday Movie Matinee. My number one choice for this week was vetoed so I was forced to pick another. Transamerica is the humorous and tragic story of a transsexual traveling across the country with ‘her’ recently discovered hustler son. Felicity Huffman performed a she-man with remarkable easy and Kevin Zegers played a white trash17 year old boy named Toby longing to make it big in LA as a Porn Actor…

The 80’s inspired costume design accented the trashy and awkward overtone of the movie. Bree’s oversized bows juxtaposed the unwashed wizard t-shit Toby wore through the majority of the movie. The pace of the movie staled out in the endless trek Bree and Toby took from New York to L.A. The actors, from the grandmother, to the therapist, to Bree, sold their characters with such truth that throughout most of the movie I found my self cringing with both embarrassment for the character and personal shock. The entire situation was extremely uncomfortable and that penetrated through the screen. The directors were seemingly on a shock and awe campaign with nudity. As I have said before, I have no problem with nudity in a film as long as it blends seamlessly with the movie. The majority of the frontal nudity popped-up (teeheehee) out of no where and was quite a shocker.

Overall Transamerica was good. The characters were real which was refreshing. The middle was boring…but, a travel movie is hard to pull off because of the required time in a movie car with two or three people.
I find it interesting that you call the clothing 80s inspired. I didn't really catch that. Was the movie set in the 80s? I don't recall anything that dates it in anyway. I assumed it was set in modern times and still think it was. To me the clothes just came across as someone who wore outlandish old lady ish clpthes (Bree) and a poor kid living on the streets (Toby) neither particularly screamed 80s, although they could have been 80s I suppose.
when I say 80s, I don't mean Madonna and all the other hair bands styles. I refer to the shoulder pads and the big bows around the neck (it may be even more late 70s) and his t-shirt doesn't remind you of the t-shirts you saw people wear as a kid in the 80s (this is me assuming that you didn't wear the hideous things - though you may have).
Well yes, those clothes were around in the 80s, but I still see many people wear those types clothes now too so I didn't assume 80s.
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