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V for Vendetta, she said 4.5

V for Vendetta speaks to a wide audience. With dynamite deployment, a dedicated detective, delicate and determined dame, and a delightful don in disguise the film’s dailies are decidedly delightful, dutiful and delectable. There is a nod to the amazing opening soliloquy of V. There are so many things to talk about with this movie the acting, the editing, the special effects and the highly political overarching theme.

Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving play Evey and V respectively. Weaving has a way with words; I venture to say that very few actors could deliver such a complete performance without the use facial expressions. With a slight tilt of the head or raise of the shoulder Weaving was able to translate a verity of V’s emotions through the big screen. Portman’s performance was middle of the road. I have seen her perform better and worse. Evey will not be nearly as memorable as V.

I did feel that the movie was a bit long. If there is one thing I would change about the movie, I would cut about 15-20 minutes and simultaneously add more fluidity throughout the film. There were three major parts: Evey before V, Evey with V, and Evey in Jail/ a big explosion…..maybe the movie was not that blocky but something similar.

The feel of the movie didn’t need ‘Matrix’ special effect so the directors left them out. The lack of special effects gave the movie a more believable tone, contributing to the director’s intent of the actually possibilities of these happenings. The one special effect that I really enjoyed was V’s knife trail (I don’t know the technical term but I thought that it was awesome).

If you didn’t catch it, this movie had a political message attached to it…who says the media has a liberal biased? Not me. If you didn’t catch the political stance of the movie….ummm, were you sleeping? I will not use this movie to go on a political rant; however, I will say that the movie gives the viewer something to think about. No matter the slant of the movie, I enjoy a film that gives you something to take home and chew on. You diffidently get you money’s worth when the movie stays with you longer than two hours.

I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend V for Vendetta. I didn't give it a full 5.0 because of the editing.

Remember, you can’t kill and idea!
Sweet intro!

I agree on Portman's performance. We have seen her do better. I mean she wasn't half as good here as she was in "Revenge of the Sith." No scene in this movie delivered the dynamic emotion of "Hold me. Like you did by the lakes on Naboo so many years ago when there was nothing but our love."

Don't quite understand what you are trying to convey at the start of your last paragraph. I agree with you on Weaving's great performance and I can tell that you were entertained by V, but did you like him? Could you root for him? That is the thing that I liked and was unsettled by the most. The fact that V was the "hero" yet there was little that was truly heroic about him.

And imagine that! We both have our reviews up on time. Is this a first?

And I remembered the last time we were rushed through dinner before the movie and you were right, it was my fault. Guess we are even on that and I apologize for saying they were both your fault.
i don't think the point is if we liked him or V said, he is an idea not a person anymore. So, that said, I did like his idea. 'the government should fear the people not the people fear the government' and you should be allowed to disagree with your government. The movie depicts a very extreme situation which them calls for extreme measures to rally the populous.

i thought V was very charming and for the most part i did like him. I did disagree with what he did Evey. i felt it was unnecessary - but, she didn't fear after that. was there another way to go about that? Maybe, but i guess we will never know.

I was thoroughly impressed with Hugo's performance.

Too, i do believe that gray areas exist.
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