Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Slither, she said 1.0

ok, I don't like scary movies and I most certainly did not like this one. I did like Shawn of the Dead but this was not at all sufficient sequel for these directors/ writers. The graphic were dreadful - though I suspect that they were supposed to be that way...I did not find any humor in the lack of CGI quality.

I do grant that the non-monster scenes were well acted and fairly well written. While my dear counterpart did laugh often I found nothing funny even in the non-monster bits.

The end of the movie seemingly digressed into un-dead people meandering purposefully toward that chick (whatever her name is). Ummm, that seems a bit familiar. Oh, yes, that movie "Shawn of the Dead". There was really nothing new about this movie except for the way the un-dead became un-dead.

I hate being scared!
This was not a sequel. And really there's nothing new in horror anyway. I hardly expect a movie that parodies others to be highly original in its concepts anyway.

Anyway, I knew we were going to disagree about this one I'm just glad you wrote a review. I am proud of you for making it through the movie and I appreciate you not vetoing it.

And I think that there is a difference between zombies (the undead) and alien-infected flunkies...

I was expecting you to give it a 0, so I'm glad for the 1
Fillion was da bomb tho!!!
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