Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hoodwinked, he said 4.0

I've gotten really behind on writing these things lately so I am going to do a few rapid fire reviews to get caught up. "Hoodwinked" was a very fun movie. It was made with a much smaller budget than most animated movies, and this shows as the computer animation looks very rough compared to the likes of Pixar. Still, I liked the character designs for the Wolf, the frog, the squirrel, and the bunny (Never trust a bunny).

The humor was very good. I appreciated that the movie was funny for both kids and adults but never resulted to innuendo, toilet humor, or profanity such as other so-called family movies of late (i.e. Shrek). Also, unlike many recent animated movies, there were songs! And they were funny. The film features a fun and unusual soundtrack.

The voice cast was also good.

This movie was a pleasant surprise. I didn't really expect much out of it, but it delivered.
What did you think?

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