Sunday, April 02, 2006


GUY'S NIGHT OUT: Stay Alive, he said 0.0

This movie does earn slight kudos simply for not being a remake of a horror movie. However, the idea behind it (a video game where if you die in the game you die in real life) is ripped off from the "First Person Shooter" episode of The X-Files.

The movie is filled with the ominous sound of a RumblePak and chilling image of Anna from "The OC's" ribs (seriously, girl needs to eat a sandwich). It opens with Jess from "Gilmore Girls" meeting his end at the hands of a yet-to-be-released video game called "Stay Alive." Then his friend, Ben from "life as we know it," gets hold of it and plays it with his friends who include Anna from "The OC," Malcolm from "Malcolm in the Middle," Brooke from "One Tree Hill," and Chris from "24: Day 2." We see most of them die in typical "Dead Teenager Movie" (term borrowed from Roger Ebert) fashion and a few stay alive of course because we wouldn't want the title to be a lie now would we (and we need victims for the obligatory sequel)?

This movie was quite bad. I was more entertained watching other people in the theater actually be scared of it. A more appropriate title would have been "I Know What Teen TV Actors Did Last Summer." Or "Stay Awake" which was the challenge for me.

What did you think?
really you thought stay alive was better than the other movie we watched....brandon, I fear our taste in movie are slowly seperating. not that I think that other movie was fantastic
Three points:
1. I explicitly stated why this movie earned its sole point. And as for comparing it to the other movie, please see the quote from Roger Ebert that I added to our "Rating System" page.

2. You didn't see this movie so it could have been brilliant compared to the other one.

3. It's okay if our tastes are different. When it comes to certain types of movies, they have always been different (for example with horror movies). If you look over our ratings, we still tend to generally agree on almost every movie we see.

Looking forward to "Lucky Number Slevin" and "Take the Lead."
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