Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Slither, he said 4.0

"Slither" joins the ranks of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Gremlins" as being one of the few horror-comedies to successfully deliver both laughs and creeps. Air Supply's "You're Every Woman in the World" has never been as funny or creepy as it is in this movie. It's not unusual to laugh out loud during supposedly scary movies, but unlike many of them, "Slither" is in on the joke.

Director James Gunn knows better than to try to take this stuff seriously at all. The special effects never even try to look realistic. But he knows how to make a very fun movie. Nathan Fillion (our beloved Captain Mal) stars as small-town sheriff Bill Pardy who must lead a small group of citizens against the rest of the town who has been taken over by aliens and turned into zombies.

The movie also seems to make fun of the amount of gratuitous sex in most horror movies by making all of the alien attack scenes look bizarrely like sex scenes. And the aliens themselves look rather like parts of the human anatomy that would earn a NC-17 rating.

The cast are all capable at mocking the acting found in oldschool B-movie creature features. Fillion is great as usual. I highly recommend this movie for people who enjoy fun horror movies an but are fed up with all of the recent crap coming out lately that just takes itself way too seriously, thus failing to be fun or scery (see my review of "Stay Alive"). It's great fun, and the credits include a hilarious song .

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